Know anyone who could use professional assistance with a résumé and cover letter, but can’t afford it? I’d like to help someone.

Candidates must have the following:

  • Access to a computer (ideally a PC with MS Word).
  • A target position in mind (e.g. accountant, factory line worker, teacher, etc.).
  • Enthusiasm about participating in this process and the ability to spend between one and two hours on the phone with me sometime during the week of December 16th-20th.
  • Willingness and ability to accurately provide all relevant details/explanations and dates of previous positions. I’m very willing to work with someone facing significant challenges, such as gaps in employment, terminations, or even a criminal record; however, in order to optimize the writing/presentation strategy, I need the individual to be open and honest about any hiring obstacles at hand.
  • No ability to pay for the service. I will work on an honor system regarding payment ability, but I want to be helping someone who absolutely cannot cover the expense (including by a spouse or parents).

Please email “applications” including the following information to BY NOON (EASTERN TIME) THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13TH:

  • A paragraph or two about the individual’s circumstances and career goals.
  • A recommendation indicating why the individual would excel in his/her targeted position. Why would you hire this person if you could? Just a few lines is fine. This doesn’t need to be a formal letter of recommendation. If you are applying on behalf of someone else, you can write this. If you’re applying for yourself, please ask someone else to write it.
  • If the individual has a current working résumé, please send that to me, as well. This is not a requirement.

I’ll select a “winner” by Sunday, December 15th. My decision will be based on need and on my ability to make an impact. I’m sorry that I will only be able to work with one person. Thank you for your understanding!

Turnaround time will be approximately 10 days from initial discussion. Details about my résumé-writing process can be found on my website, Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Happy holidays!!!


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